Distances from hotel

  • 8 km away from the historical city of Nafplio
  • 2,5 km away from the touristic resort of Tolo
  • 3 km away from Vivari a picturesque fisherman’s village
  • 7 km from the historical sight of Tirintha
  • Nemea with the famous wineries
  • 40-minute drive from Epidauros with its ancient theater
  • Near to several monasteries and churches
Nafplio, The first Greek Capital

From the beginning of the Greek Revolution of 1821 up until 1834, Nafplio was the capital of the first Hellenic Republic. Today it is considered one of the best places to visit in Greece and top tourism destinations as it is home of many historical sites and attractions. Travelers can either organize daytrips from Athens or visit Nafplio for the weekend, or even for the holidays as it still holds the charm and glory of a bygone era, enchanting visitors to the day.

Begin your sightseeing tour at the old medieval town, go up the 999 steps to Palamidi castle, visit the historic rock of Akronafplia, sail to Bourtzi and marvel the region’s museums, statues and historical buildings. From Nafplio you can also take a day tour to the islands of Spetses & Hydra.

Exciting Things to do in Nafplio

Travelers in search for some of the most exciting things to do in Nafplio are welcome to visit the historical site of Tirintha, savour a dish of fresh fish and seafood at a traditional tavern by the sea in the picturesque village of Vivari, taste some exquisite wine at the famous wineries of Nemea, attend an ancient theatre performance at Epidauros , step back in history at the archaeological site of Mycenae or simply set off for a day of Nafplio sightseeing to discover the wonders of this enchanting region of Argolis.

Memorable Holidays in Nafplio

Conveniently situated on the beach of Drepano, only 8 km from the historical city and first Greek capital of Nafplio and 2,5 km from the tourist area of Tolo, the Grove 4-star hotel in Nafplio, allows travellers to set off for the most amazing excursions in the Peloponnese, visit some of the most exceptional beaches, monuments and places of interest in the area whilst enjoying the most memorable holidays in Nafplio with their family and friends.